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Spark Talent is a Boutique Agency headquartered in Houston, TX. However, that has not stopped Spark from representing talent across the entire United States and Canada. After starting the company in 2018, Spark has already had bookings on many major network shows, including Series Regulars on some fan favorites. 

Since Spark keeps its roster small, we are specifically looking for talent that is willing to be repped commercially and theatrically across the United States and Canada. So, at this time you may have another manager, but not another agent. The agents at Spark work extremely hard for their clients by pitching, numerous submissions, and a close talent relationship with emails and video calls. 

Spark Talent does have access to Breakdown Services (Actors Access), Casting Networks, LA Casting, Cast It, Casting Frontier, Voice Force, Casting Workbook, and Spotlight. 

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